WiTouch Pro has been created by a group of innovative designers and engineers from Australia, with commercial input from an experienced team in Tennessee, USA. By working closely with suppliers and testing numerous prototypes, Katapult Design pushed the boundaries of material use and process capabilities to create a complex dual overmoulded body assembly. This hi-tech component is the heart of the design, allowing highly flexible electrode wings that comfortably hug the body's contours whilst integrating a super tough structural skeleton that ties the product together and protects the electronics. WiTouch Pro is not only beautiful on the outside, but it performs like a highly tuned machine on the inside. Our electronics partners,   Procept Australia, worked tirelessly with Katapult to develop software and electronic hardware to generate an innovative TENS wave form  in order to specifically treat back pain.  

As a result of this grounbreaking innovation and research,  the WiTouch Pro has been awarded the “red dot: best of the best”  2013 and the award for "Best in Category, Medical & Scientific" at Australian International Design Awards for 2013. Both of these very prestigious awards reflect the truly innovative design and engineering of the WiTouch Pro and showcase the excepetional talents of our local design partners in taking on and beating some of the largest companies in the world to win these awards. See below for a look into our friends at Katapult Design.