uHealth Innovation

Bringing health care technology to life

uHealth Innovation is the commercialisation division of uHealth. While the other divisions of uHealth are focused on the distribution & marketing of existing technology, uHealth Innovation brings health care innovation to life.

uHealth Innovation does this through a unique integrated network of partners that are all specialists in specific aspects of bringing technology from concept to commercialised product. uHealth partners with intellectual property specialists that can secure ideas and help build a platform for innovation ownership. Our partners are also award-winning designers and engineers who work with us on building technologies with optimal user experience, efficacy and functionality in mind.

uHealth Innovation takes these technologies to the world through established global distribution channels, applying the skills and knowledge of our commercialisation team. We also work closely with our network of investment partners that help fund the development of medical innovation through customised funding models.

uHealth Innovation – bringing health care technology to life.

To enquire about uHealth Innovation and its portfolio of projects, email us at hello@uhealth-nz.com